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maquila asked:

Hi! Once you get this message list five random facts about yourself and then send this to your ten favorite followers. (Sorry this is awkward, I don't normally do this but damnit at least my fave followers will get appreciate and I love you iisjah you're amazing ;_; )

Oooh my thank you so much <3333 You’re the greatest! *hugs*

Tehehe I haven’t done this things in a while!  Let’s see!

1. I cry at documentaries about space. I don’t know why - they just hit me with the vast wonders that I can’t help it x3

2. I wanted to become an archaeologist as a kid - thanks to Jurassic Park and the dino craze that followed xD (after all Jurassic Park was my first adult movie in the cinema!)

3. Star Wars and pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut go together in my nostalgic mind because when the special edition hit cinemas me, my sister and my dad always went to a Pizza Hut/Kfc dinner with all the Star Wars toys and all x3 A great memory :3 Also ned I mention that the Star Wars experience was once in a lifetime and I’m still a great SW fan :3 (hoping to start on my Jawa costume and get it ready for the 2015 x3)

4. I started drawing when Sailor Moon and after that Dragon Ball Z hit the TV - I used to make a pencil grids on paper and copied little screenshots, official art and sometimes fanart I found at my slow dial up internet x3

5. I love watching thunderstorms (although I try not to be in the open when they happen - I love them but man things like that should be respected) and I would finally love to see one when I’m at the beach somewhere…safely hidden at a restaurant or something xD



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