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As I really need money (meaning at this point I barely have money for food, oh my god :__D) I’m opening commisions! 

I will be accepting payment only via Paypal (ludzie z Polski oczywiście mogą płacić przelewem).

How to commission me?

  • You see all avilable options and prices above. When you decide on one of them, contact me via tumblr, deviantart or my e-mail: Send me necessary info: what option did you choose, what do you want me to draw for you + references (especially if it’s your OC’s I will need description and additional info!)
  • After I get you payment, I’ll send you a WIP within a few days and wait for your acceptance - after it there will be no edits! (Please remember, that I will start drawing only after receiving full payment.)
  • After edits, I’ll send you finished commission in digital form - 300dpi scan, so you can print it after that. If you want me to send to you original, please write it in order info, but please remember you will had to pay for shipment: as I stated above, at this point I don’t have ANY additional money.

What I draw?

  • cute things
  • cracky things
  • fluffy things
  • smuty things 8D
  • of course porny things too, heeee 8D
  • OC’s
  • fandom related things
  • as you can see on examples - mostly people, but it’s not a rule - I also draw animals, fantastic creatures etc
  • to be honest nearly everything - if you are not sure, write to me!

Even if you can’t afford anything, signal boosting will be highly appreciated :)

She’s awesome  -you should really check her out :3

I had a bit of a rough day and just want to draw something quick and play with my new watercolour and screentone brushes. Propose a character (preferably a fun fanart one) and I might draw him\her if I’ll be inspired. So propose away?




Some quick rules!

  • It’s only for my followers (as a thank you gift!)
  • Both likes and reblogs count
  • Have your askbox open and reply within 3 days time
  • There’ll be two winners at least (the exact amount will depend on my free time)
  • The winner can request a single sketch illustration (please, describe me a scene you want me to draw) either with background (up to two characters [but preferably one ;v;] with a simple design) or without (up to two characters, may have a complex designs, in an art style of winner’s choice).
  • (for better, non-sketchy artworks you may check my commission info)
  • Dedline: 21st of April (in exactly 2 weeks!)

(just a reminder to keep it tiny and quiet shh just like it, no need to reblog)

It ends soon! *v* 

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