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Even though it’s still got more than a month to go, I really am surprised the Urbance project isn’t like 200% funded by now. Or at least half way. And I hope that’s not reflective of the result of Tumblr’s traitorous tirade against it when, months ago, everyone was so stoked about a “cool looking animation with brown people in it.”

I forgot who made the comment but they were right: Tumblr’s climate has changed since then, and for the worst in a lot of ways.

Ugh yeah I’m so sad about it - I keep checking it all the time. I justy hope it will pick up soon - I was so pumped for it!

( kickstarter here )

And I finished Free! - gosh I needed an anime like that :3 Lighthearted and fun to watch and just enough episodes to get my fill xD

Gosh I just ugh shipped Mako-Haru so much it hurts xD Just wanted to grab them both and make them kiss dammnit :V )

chenria asked:

reply field was too small: From the pictures you refer to I think they all use a "not solid" inking tool... maybe try something with textures or a lower density/opacity to not get the solid black you seem so upset about. There are "pencil settings" for both SAI and PS (not sure what you use to ink) and maybe experiment with something like that to get a more natural feeling you want to achieve instead? (but I really like your linearts :D but I'm aware that it is totally personal taste ;3)

Thank you! Yes I guess the low opacity-flow and a well chosen brush is part of it - the other thing I need to practice is cleaner but still dynamic, nicely flowing sketches. I’m so lousy with them x3

And thank you for your kind words! :D It’s not that I don’t like my lines but sometimes they seem restricting. But with me liking the lines on my most recent piece I think I’m getting out of the slump x3

Thank you again!

Greed before safety by iisjah

Version without colour

Iisjah had two choices - get that gem on the end of a knife-filled trap or not get it.
Well Iisjah is a greedy sonofagun.

I tried a really comic style feel (using some awesome screentone brushes I bought lately from kyletwebster ) and I think I quite succeeded? :D I may do more art like this because damn I love the old comic book feel x3

I was in a bit off an art slump lately - mainly concerning my lineart quality but thanks to this piece I think I got over it a bit :3 I love the lines here :D And thanks Smoludozerka for finding me a great ref for this piece x3



urbance fan questions being addressed, aka why you should read the kickstarter instead of just relying on tumblr posts

mega important you guys

Super duper important. I saw much unwarranted criticism towards Urbance and it pains me! D: 

Read people! It’s right there! They are actually listening to you guys and clearings things!

Kickstarter here

(Source: swagonceler)

I need to ask for some lineart tips!

I am feeling really down with my lineart skills as of’s just so rigid and not looking organic enough

The best one I think is here but it’s still not there when it comes to organicness


Some awesome inking that I like

So my question is do you guys have any tips for me? Anything really! I would be so grateful! Please :3?

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